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China Committee Information

China Committee Chair: Huachuan Wen

Cell phone: 316-651-6687

Wichita Art Museum: Kaifeng Art Exhibit (Dec 2023) 
The Kaifeng Art Exhibit started  December 1st, at the Wichita Art Museum, on the ground floor. It will last until Dec 17th. On exhibit are: embroidery screens, embroidery paintings, Song dynasty royal porcelains, wood print paintings, and lanterns. They are worth seeing since they are authentic and exquisite Chinese art.
We hope to see you there !

Click HERE for more information about the exhibit
Click HERE for Facebook video about the exhibit

China Delegation - Nov 29-Dec 2, 2022
Pictures from meeting with Mayor Whipple and the Sister Cities' board as well as a tour of the Wichita Art Museum.


China delegation 2022 with mayor 11-29-2022.JPG
China delegation 2022 Art museum 11-29-2022.JPG
china poster Nov 2022.jpg
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