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Kaifeng 开封, Henan 河南, P.R. China 中华人民共和国


Early in 1985, Wichita Mayor Robert Brown appointed a task force to study the desirability of establishing a Sister City relationship with a city in the Henan Province, a sister state to Kansas, People's Republic of China.


The task force, under the chairmanship of Dr. Clark Ahlberg, recommended that Wichita develop a Sister City relationship with Kaifeng City following approval by the Wichita City Commission. An agreement was reached between the city governments of Wichita and Kaifeng City.


In December of 1985, Mayor Zhu Zhencheng led the first delegation of five officials to Wichita where, on December 3rd, the first official signing of the agreement took place between our two cities. In September of 1986, Mayor Brown led the exchange visit of five Wichitans to Kaifeng City where similar documents were signed.


A group of six physicians accompanied Mayor Brown and presented medical papers to some five hundred Kaifeng City physicians. Accompanying the delegation was an official delegation from Boeing Aircraft Company of Wichita. Trade relations between Wichita and Kaifeng City are slowly developing. Student exchanges have already begun, and fundraising projects are expected to further exchanges of university students between Wichita and Kaifeng City.



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