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Tlalnepantla, Mexico


Wichita's Sister Cities affiliation with Tlalnepantla, Mexico originated when the Presidente Municipal (Mayor) of Tlalnepantla visited Wichita in the fall of 1973.


Two weeks later the Wichita Board of City Commissioners approved the affiliation on October 16, 1973. In turn, the affiliation was approved by Tlalnepantla on February 3, 1974.


In February of 1975, a replica of Blackbear Bosin's Keeper of the Plains was presented to the city of Tlalnepantla and now stands in "Wichita Plaza".


The highlight of the Wichita-Tlalnepantla relationship had been from the very beginning, the public high school student exchanges in cooperation with the Sister Cities Advisory Board and the Wichita Public School System. Week-long reciprocal home-stays were held annually, one in the fall and one in the spring.


Through our Sister Cities affiliation, Tlalnepantla has been the beneficiary of ambulances, medical supplies and equipment, and of financial aid following act-of-God tragedies. Additionally, they received a few "retired" fire trucks, two of which have been named "Wichita" and "Kansas".

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